Catalonia Extreme Metal

Catalonia Extreme Metal
Grups de Metal Extrem dels Països Catalans

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

New Releases from Primitive Man and Relapse Records‏

Purchase the new album from the following locations:

Relapse / Amazon MP3 ($3.96) / Google Play ($3.96) / Bandcamp


Bandcamp / Spotify / Rdio 
"Completely terrifying, yet so equally captivating all at the same time. Everything about the experience just feels so damn good in the worst possible way to our overall well-being." -Metal Insider
“It is probably the heaviest record you or anyone you know will hear all year.” -MetalSucks
"A substantial amount of cranial damage will almost certainly occur while listening to this release. This is a band capable of annihilating the very concept of what "heavy" is. A sonic tornado composed of broken flesh and bone. A vicious onslaught of hatred. If you've yet to uncover this absolutely disgusting act, get your shit together and buy this." - CvltNation

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