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jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015


Desolate, devastating doom duo Bell Witch will be bringing their spaciously crafted paeans of dispiriting yet beautiful post-doom to the 20th edition of Roadburn. Hailing from the rain-enshrouded pacific northwest, Bell Witch manage to make to bass and drums seem like an entire of orchestra of abasement and melancholy while still paying homage to the concept of less is more.
Musically they ply a path of churning, classic funeral doom with respites of post-rock melancholy. The vocals run a gamut of styles from dISEMBOWELMENT‘s blackened roar to Ras Algethi‘s monk-like incanting, lending a pristinely unholy feel to the blackly liturgical proceedings.

Delivering a raucous blend of psychobilly, blues, country and metal filtered through plenty of moonshine, Scott H. Biram isn’t a one-man band. He is THE one-man band. A pre-eminent bluesman for the 21st century with a raw immediacy that is alternately hypnotic and harrowing.
Biram ain’t no candy-ass singer / songwriter either, sweetly strumming songs about girls with big eyes and dusty highways. His singing, yodeling, growling, leering and brash preachin’ and hollerin’ is accompanied by sloppy riffs and licks from his ’59 Gibson guitar and pounding backbeat brought forth by his amplified left foot. The remainder of this one-man band consists of an unwieldy combination of beat-up amplifiers and old microphones strung together by a tangled mess of guitar cables.
His live shows unleash a Lemmy-sized metal attitude, a stomping, pulsing John Lee Hooker-channeling, and cockeyed tales of black water baptisms and murder, all while romanticizing the on-the-road lifestyle.
Biram will unleash his unfettered depression era blues at the 20th edition of Roadburn. Fair warning: don’t be fooled by the whiskey and chicken antics, Scott H. Biram will unleash an unholy onslaught that will deliver you to a fiery baptism.

Chicago instrumental band Bongripper will make a welcome return to the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival with two sets that feature their unique brand of devastating doom.
The first will see them play their latest album, Miserable, in its entirety at the main stage on Thursday, April 9.
The instrumental four-piece has released 6 albums, as well as several splits, collaborations and a Live at Roadburn album in their almost decade existence. The band’s low-end frequencies decimated both the 013 and Het Patronaat venues at Roadburn Festival 2012, and according to the band, “Bongripper’s live punishment will make you a masochist for your Endless Descent Into Ruin.”

 Switzerland’s Cortez will prove that you actually can get out of the habitual pattern of the power trio, and still offer noise-hardcore fury and incandescent anger by way of guitar, drums and voice alone.

Eagle Twin merges the talents of guitarist Gentry Densley (of legendary post-hardcore / jazz icons, Iceburn) with the thunderous percussion of Tyler Smith, and their latest opus, The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale, picks up right where the band’s acclaimed debut LP, The Unkindness of Crows, left off. The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale even boasts some of the most mesmerizing and monstrous riff transformations from Eagle Twin to date, and tops it’s predecessor in terms of all-encompassing tone and atmosphere.
Lyrically, the crows documented in the first album have battled the sun and were burned back down to earth as black snakes, which become the thematic center of the new album exploring the various mythic and symbolic incarnations of snakes. Ultimately, the great ancestral snake is transformed from its lowly beginnings back into a bird soaring upon the thermals. Demonstrating the cyclical nature of being. Tap into in Eagle Twin‘s epic story-telling, and bask in their heavy rituals at Roadburn Festival 2015.

With its hateful, hopeless, anguished vocals set against extra-slow Iommi-inspired riffing, Nola’s Eyehategod are credited with founding sludge-core, one of the most vital new genres of metal to emerge from the 1990’s. Countless bands have followed their footsteps, and after more than 20 years of creating some of the most corrosive, vile music known to man, Eyehategod still hasn’t lost the piss and vinegar, propaganda, and despair that fueled them back in 1988.
Over the years, Eyehategod have had more than their fair share of hardship, and recently suffered the tragic loss of drummer and founding member, Joey LaCaze. The new, self titled release from Eyehategod , the follow up to 2000’s Confederacy Of Ruined Lives, sees LaCaze‘s drum tracks appear posthumously on this classic of the genre.
The album personifies desperation and addiction in the various backwaters of forgotten America, punctuated by the N’awlins sound of rebellion and pollution resulting in triumph over adversity. Come experience transcendence through malevolence as Joey LaCaze deface Roadburn 2015.

 Saint Louis, MO’s Fister will definitely bring Roadburn down to it knees through it’s blackened misery and murderous onslaught. The band’s disgust and desolation-fuelled feast of depressive sludge thrives on pure terror, and intimidation by volume and gore. There’ll be no chance to escape!

If you are a fan of stellar riffs and molasses-thick distorted guitar tone, Floor has everything you want in music. These Floridian sludge / pop pioneers get a lot of comparisons to lead singer / guitarist Steve Brooks other band, Torche — and rightfully so — with his instantly recognizable singing style and guitar tone.
Floor, however, is the essence of pure heaviness, with just a nod to the pop melodies that have spurred Torche on to crossover success. Come feel the downtuned thunder of Floor’s bassless power trio attack when Floor plays the main stage of the 013 venue at the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival on Thursday.
With a history that stretches back to 1992, Floor have undergone numerous lineup changes and a sporadic release history culminating in 2014’s Oblation (only their third full length album, the others being 2002’s Floor and 2004’s Dove which was recorded in 1994).
Their latest effort features Brooks, drummer Henry Wilson (Dove, House of Lightning) and guitarist Anthony Vialon (Cavity) and Floor makes up for the abscence of bass guitar by playing their ultra-downtuned, tube-driven, uniquely infectious alt / stoner / doom / pop at maximum roar.

Who needs a god when you’ve got Satan?
Led by former Acid Bath guitarist Sammy Duet and Soilent Green vocalist Ben Falgoust IIGoatwhore has turned out to be one of the hardest working metal bands of the last decade, building a sterling reputation of catchy, rampaging metal, brilliantly blasphemous lyrics, and – thanks to nonstop touring – a scintillating live show. Their latest album, Constricting Rage Of The Merciless ,was released in 2014 on Metal Blade.

Following the announcement of The Heads (Wayne Maskell, Hugo Morgan, Simon Price and Paul Allen) as Roadburn‘s ‘Artist in Residence’, the band have confirmed that they will perform two sonically searing sets at the 20th edition of the festival, set for April 912 at the 013 venue, Het Patronaat and Cul de Sac in Tilburg, The Netherlands. As part of their residency, there will also be performances by Kandodo and Anthroprophh – acts that are umbilically linked to The Heads.
Anthroprophh will be playing a specially selected spacey set, including never performed before tracks from new LP U.F.O in the Green Room

 Kandodo will take the stage at Het Patronaat as part of The Heads‘ residency, having Loop’s Robert Hampson to join them as a special guest.

Helms Alee will take to the stage at Roadburn Festival, dragging their bewitching melodies and caustic fuzz across the Atlantic to Tilburg.
Their latest release, Sleepwalking Sailors, sees them pick up where previous releases (including split releases with Young Widows and Ladder Devils) paved the way. The Seattle-based three piece create swirling enclaves of uplifting pop-hooks, encased in a distorted gnarl of sludge and mesmerising groove.
With diverse influences melding together, the results are eclectic and hypnotic; at one point bruising with the heft of a riff to make Mastodon jealous, and moments later charming with the ethereal wisp of a lullaby.

Formed in 1999, Canadian post-hardcore heroes KEN mode won the inaugural Heavy Metal / Hard Music Album of the Year Juno Award for their 2011 album Venerable which re-examines abrasive post- hardcore and noise rock in every, blistering sense!
After releasing their newest masterpiece of musical hostility, Entrench, in 2013 through Season of Mist, KEN mode are prepared to go for the throat at Roadburn 2015 – boiling with tension and rage, these Winnipeg veterans, named for Henry Rollins’ infamous “Kill Everyone Now”, will not waste this opportunity! Watch out!

The mighty Kylesa thought enough of fellow Atlantan tech-metal power trio Lazer/Wulf to want to release their debut album, The Beast Of Left And Right, on their Retro Futurist label and we here at Roadburn can’t say as we blame ‘em.
It’s a fiery, mostly instrumental, head-wrecking blend of finger-mangling impossible guitar riffs, busily burbling bass molestation and dizzyingly dexterous drum battery that manages to be fiercely progressive and insanely technical without falling into the trap of directionless shredding and we just love it.
We loved it so much that we invited Lazer/Wulf to bring their insane musicality to the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival, and you can experience them at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands on Thursday, April 9, but please remember to take the proper precautions or your head may explode.

Marriages will release their new album, Salome, on April 7 and they recently teased the song ‘Skin’, which worked quickly to conjure a gorgeous and airy, ethereal post-rock.
Their slot at Roadburn will be the start of their 2014 European tour with Wovenhand, and we couldn’t be happier to help them launch it. Expect a full room when Marriages play Cul de Sac in Tilburg,The Netherlands on Thursday April 9.

 Illinois post-metal tribalists Minsk tore a hole in the heavy underground in 2005 with the release of their debut LP, Out of a Center which is Neither Dead nor Alive. Quickly signing to Relapse in that album’s wake, they toured hard alongside Trouble, High on Fire and many others.
It’s been six years since their third album, With Echoes in the Movement of Stone, came out, and today we’re proud to announce that Minsk will kick off their return European tour (alongside Floor) at this year’s Roadburn Festival at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Netherlands, on Thursday, April 9.
Known for their swells of sonic force and volume, Minsk recorded their fourth album this past Fall with Sanford Parker. It will be their first studio release since 2010 when they took part in Neurot RecordingsHawkwind Triad with Steve Von Till’s Harvestman project and U.S. Christmas. What a new Minsk album might hold is a mystery, since it’s been so long, but they’ve always had a central focus on atmosphere and meditative ambience to offset their raging thrust, so we look forward to finding out.

 Now that Worm Ouroboros are no longer playing Roadburn 2015, the vacant slot on the line up will be taken by Brussels-based Moaning Cities, who will bring their fuzzed-out, and sitar-driven psychedelia to Roadburn 2015.
On their debut full-length, Pathways Through The Sail, Moaning Cities offers an amalgam of The Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevators and more recent bands such as The Black Angels or Dead Meadow, infused with North African and Middle-Eastern traditional music – the band’s moody, melodic, laid back, blissfully drugged out psychedelia is heavily present and potent.

 The UK’s Nottingham-based Moloch will show no mercy, the band’s fucked up, gritty emotions will drag you down into a pulverizing pit of sickened sludge, leaving you gasping for breath.

Sweden’s hotly-tipped psychedelic stoner sludge outfit Monolord (as in lords of monolithic riffing) will bring their massive mesmeric, speaker-rumbling amplifier worship to Roadburn Festival 2015.
Sitting perfectly between Sleep’s Dopesmoker and Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone, Monolord’s drugged-out, dark and captivating debut album, Empress Rising, out on RidingEasy Records, is a strong contender for Roadburn-related album of the year.
By adding slabs of psychedelica to their crushing heaviness and subsonic vibrations, these outerworldly riff merchants will hypnotically bury you beneath a slow-moving, oozing mound of heavy, taking you on a gargantuan trip that will leave you battered and reeling.

Effortlessly shifting from stoner rock to black metal in a flash, Mortals‘ infectiously colossal sound lies in their ability to craft a commonality throughout a blur of dark and heavy genres.
Their critically acclaimed debut record, Cursed to See the Future, released this past July through Relapse Records melds “disparate strands of heavy metal into highly memorable — and viscerally potent — songs. Woven into their dark tapestries you will find strands of sludge, doom, black metal, and thrash. The result is music that’s massively heavy, massively headbangable, and almost always decimating to the core” according to No Clean Singing.
Mortals on joining the Roadburn 2015 lineup: “Roadburn is practically legend for being the very. best. metal. festival. and the most raging heavy metal party in the world, so needless to say we’ve wanted to play it for a long time. We look forward to slaying Tilburg in April.”
Mortals will destroy Stage One of the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands on April 9. You have been warned.

Heavily influenced by psychedelia, Krautrock and even Post Rock, Liverpool UK’s beloved Mugstar are in the vanguard of modern psych rock, just in case you were unfamiliar with them.
Infusing their brooding moodiness, minimal psych rock mesmerism and propulsive, hypnokraut grooves with seriously psychedelic ferocity has propelled Mugstar to stand alongside such well-regarded contemporaries as Circle, Bardo Pond and Oneida.
The band distil the wordless core of Hawkwind, Neu! and Sonic Youth and their highly recommended albums Sun Broken, Lime and Axis put transcendent, glistening and outerworldly sonic glory on display.
So, for Roadburn 2015, Mugstar will explode into an interstellar, total drugpsych tripout on Thursday, April 9 at the 013 venue.

Behold! Denver, Colorado’s Primitive Man will unleash a filthy, malignant maelstrom of blood drenched, blackened doom and soul-annihilating, dissonant sluge at the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival.
Thrillingly misanthropic in their approach, Primitive Man’s pure hatred, self loathing and psychotic rage will plunge you straight into the depths of hell. The band’s terrifying yet enthralling first full-length, Scorn (out on Relapse Records), is one of the heaviest debuts this side of Eyehategod‘s In The Name of Suffering, and beats the listener senseless with abrasive chunks of unapologetic, claustrophobic terror.
Don’t shy away from Primitive Man‘s malevolence, instead, embrace the pleasure of their devilish punishment and immerse yourself in the cathartic, searing pain and unrequited hate!

 Already veterans of Roadburn, Chicago instrumental trio Russian Circles will return to the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival for a much anticipated main stage performance on Thursday, April 9, filling the main hall with their spacious, tonally lavish sound.
With a blend of post-rock airiness, heavy riffing and progressive rhythms, they are one of the most evocative instrumental bands in the underground today, and we at Roadburn couldn’t be more excited to welcome them back.
Russian Circles released their fifth album, Memorial, last year on Sargent House, and followed up 2011’s brilliant Empros with their defining statement. A record at once lush and sparse, progressive and raw, emotional and cerebral, it brought the trio of guitarist Mike Sullivan, bassist Brian Cook and drummer Dave Turncrantz to a new level of achievement in their sound. Complete with a guest vocal from fellow Roadburn alum Chelsea Wolfe and wider soundscapes than they’d ever crafted before, it demonstrated the gorgeousness and patience in Russian Circles’ songwriting.
Russian Cicles will mark their 10th anniversary in late 2014, and we at Roadburn are extremely happy to be there as they move into their second decade and move forward from Memorial to the next stage in their evolution!

Firmly rooted in the red-eyed rituals of the heady ‘60s and dead ‘70s, and shabby, feverish catacomb 8mm smut by the likes of Jess Franco, Sweeden’s Salem’s Pot are clearly on the rise, channeling ultra-fuzzed acid-blues into psychotropic lo-fi doom.
These guys aren’t just some bogus, bong-worshipping, basement dwellers. Salem’s Pot accentuate these creepy vibes by smashing B-movie debauchery and vintage hedonism into a lysergic stomp through spooky reverberations and underground grime.
Oozing infernal intent, crude fumes, and chock-full of sticky resin, Salem’s Pot‘s latest album, …Lurar ut dig på prärien (out on RidingEasy Records), shambles forth from the crypt, heavily immersed in ritual smoke and ash. The experience leads you into brain-wrecking doom territory, in an altered state replete with vision trails, lurid memories of Satanic rituals, trashy orgies, fierce bikers raging on brown acid, and a persistent ringing in the ears.
You know what to do when Salem’s Pot will hit the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival.

Iceland natives Sólstafir will perform their unique take of the completely instrumental film score, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the cult-classic Viking movie, Hrafninn Flýgur (When The Raven Flies) by director Hrafn Gunnlaugsson.
Premiered at Reykjavik’s International Film Festival in October, this will be the first time that Sólstafir will play their live score, in real time while screening Hrafninn Flýgur from start to finish, outside of Iceland, offering our beloved attendees the chance to experience Gunnlaugsson’s epic tale in an entire new dimension on the main stage.

Spidergawd is a Norwegian sort-of supergroup featuring Motorpsycho‘s Bent Sæther (bass), Kenneth Kapstad (drums) and guitarist / vocalist Per Borten of Cadilac-fame – the only Trondheim band that ever got close to Norway’s much revered rock titans.
However, Spidergawd is a band in its own right, and on their bludgeoning S/T debut, the band, completed by Rolf Martin Snustad on saxophone, proffer a bulldozing, fuzzed out post-boogie assault, which owes equal debts to to ZZ Top, MC5, Foghat or even Savoy Brown.
Yes, this is full-on heavy 70s worship, delivered with relish by a bunch of Hard Rock aficionados that are currently creating quite a buzz in Norway, and will capture the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival by storm when they hit Het Patronaat on Thursday.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, SubRosa quickly made a name for itself in the wake of 2011’s No Help For The Mighty Ones and 2013’s universally praised More Constant Than The Gods, thanks to the band’s spellbinding blend of pulverizing doom, gothic atmosphere, and touches of Americana.
Led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Rebecca Vernon and complemented by violinists Kim Pack and Sarah Pendleton, SubRosa creates some of the most unique and innovative sounding doom today, yielding music that is contemplative, poetic, and powerful all at once. The band’s intense live performances must be seen and heard to be believed, and the performance at Het Patronaat is certain to be one of Thursday’s most anticipated sets, one that will leave everyone devastated, both physically and emotionally.

On the banks of the Mississippi there dwells a ferocious beast with an open third eye that, when you look in it, shows you the parts of yourself you wish you could forget. THOU have been haunting Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and just about everywhere else on tour for the better part of a decade, bringing a consuming, atmospheric brand of sludge that challenges you to experience this moment for everything it can be, to cast off repression in all of its forms and become the complete self of whom you’ve always been most terrified.
Their 2014 album, Heathen, is the latest in a long string of releases (4LPs, many EPs and splits) on Gilead Media through which THOU have preached this vicious gospel in churning riffs and throat-searing screams. Their propulsive force coincides with their philosophical approach to lyrics, and in combination with the depth of their ambience and the all-encompassing volume of their delivery, THOU’s sound gives sludge its most original interpretation in years.
Open your eyes and exalt as THOU take the stage at the 20th Edition of Roadburn Festival on Thursday, April 9.

Turning their back on modernity, Uppsala Sweden’s four-piece The Tower found inspiration in proto-metal, turning the band’s eponymous debut album, Hic Abundant Leones (Bad Omen Records) into a captivating demonstration of their cool retro vibes and penchant for esoteric lyrical references.
Taking the best parts of hardrock, psychedelic rock, caveman boogie, and amplifier worship, The Tower will put forth their heavy 70s loyalism at the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival, pushing the outer limits of an already spacious genre.

Commanding attention with Darcy Nutt‘s sweet and soulful, yet haunting, siren-like vocals, Pacific Northwest’s Uzala isn’t your typical, run of the mill, female fronted occult rock band. Instead, Uzala has a way more sinister approach, paring psychedelia, blackend sludge and distorted noise with pained, murky, heavy doom, turning sophomore effort, Tales of Blood & Fire, into a dirty, captivating affair that goes straight for the jugular.
Uzala will cauterize the 20th edition of Roadburn with their narcotizing burn on Thursday, April 9th.

Verbum Verus
, the Dutch black metal band, known for their intense live performances, will shroud Roadburn Festival in darkness with their hymns of praise. Alternating between dark moods, atmospheric pieces and furious outbursts, Verbum Verus will open the third eye of all those that bare witness, and reveal the splendour of devilish illumination.
Come celebrate this Luciferian high mass at Cul De Sac on Thursday, April 9.

Led by former 16 Horsepower frontman David Eugene EdwardsWovenhand similarly delves deep into the darker, more gothic side of Americana, only on a much more personal, introspective level. Rustic folk, country, and blues guitar meshes with neoclassical elements and primal percussion, creating a sparse yet intense reflection of the old, weird dustbowl America, with Edwards’ poetic, fire-and-brimstone spirituality adding great intensity and mystique to the music. The latest album Refractory Obdurate is the band’s most visceral work yet, with its heavier arrangements packing a devastating punch.
Wovenhand’s incendiary performance at Roadburn 2011 remains one of the most talked-about shows in the festival’s history, and it’s a great pleasure to have Edwards and his band back at the festival for what should be another thrilling, transformative concert.

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