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Catalonia Extreme Metal
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jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016


We are proud to present to you for the first time ever the Funeral Worship Festival, featuring:

Temple of Evil
Temple of Evil was summoned into existence in mid-2008 during an unhallowed congregation performed to express its philosophy and its main ideology as it is influenced by personal esoteric thoughts which enlighten its monks to embody them into their unorthodox vision. The Temple has recently created its first opus baptized as ‘’The 7th Awakening’’ via Deathhammer Records.

Frozen Winds
Frozen Winds are a black metal band hailing from Limassol and this will be the band's first live performance after more than 2 years. They have released the demo 'Luciferean Calls' in 2009 and the EP 'Prophets with Distorted Faces' and they are currently in the process of recording their debut album.

Human Serpent
Misanthropic black metal from Greece. Human Serpent will play for the first time live in Cyprus, presenting their latest album 'Inhumane Minimalism' which was released in 2015.

Mortem Atra (Official)
Formed in 2011, Mortem Atra are know for their dark and gothic melodies. Their arsenal consists of their EP 'The Puppet' and they are also currently in the process of recording their debut album.

Isolert is a Black Metal band from Greece formed in 2015 by Panos T. and Nick S. On March of 2015 Isolert released their first demo called "Isolated Soul". This will be their first live in Cyprus.

Venue: Μουσική Σκηνή Εξάντας
Entrance: €5
Event starts at 20:00


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