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miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

VIRULENCY advance song, release date and tracklist revealed

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Set to be released next February 28th by NEW STANDARD ELITE (Gorgasm, Disentomb, Cerebral Effusion, etc), the Basque act VIRULENCY will be unleashing their highly anticipated debut album ‘The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution’. 

Consisting of eight relentless hymns that every Brutal Death metal fan must not miss, VIRULENCY will unleash a sick dose of unmerciful, crushing and virulent sonic retributions, following the greatly displayed style which was well received on their "Virulent Promo 2013", drawing up a wide musical orgy, packed with severe and ruthless blastbeats, violent yet fiercy riffages, dynamic fretless bass guitar lines and a great spectrum vocal-wise, ranging from low-gutturals to predator vokills.
This conceptual opus was mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at Tsun Tsun Productions… (Cerebral Effusion, Inherit Disease, Embodied Torment etc...) and will contain guest appearances by two of the sickest vocalist of the genre , such as Paolo Chiti (Devangelic, Ex – Putridity) and Konstantin Lühring (Despondency, Revulsed, Ex – Defeated Sanity).
In addition to that, those devilish scriptures will be packaged with the mighty skills of the Russian illustrator Andrew Tkalenko, best known for his work at Daemorph Evil Art (The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalotripsy, 7 H.Target, Epicardiectomy, etc).
In other news, Fabio ‘Dr. Grinder’ Ramirez (former drummer of the legendary Colombian Brutal death masters Internal Suffering) joined the band in September 2015.


 1. Myriapod Constructology – Part I – The Inception
 2. Myriapod Constructology – Part II – Absolute Zenith
 3. Immeasurable Gigantomastic Phenomenology
 4. Concupiscent Succubus Disturbance
 5. …from Putrescible to Perpetual
 6. Mephistophelian Æsthetic Eroticism
 7. Beyond the Ablated Clitoral Organs
 8. Sculptured Didelphic Uterus

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