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martes, 15 de marzo de 2016


Deströyer 666, Bölzer, Trepaneringsritualen – April European Tour

As the days of winter are coming to a close, time draws nearer for the season of touring and festivals to begin. This particular tour, featuring Deströyer 666 (AUS/UK)Bölzer (CH) and Trepaneringsritualen (SWE) will initiate on April 1st in Tillburg and end on April 16th in Bölzer’s own hometown, Zürich.

Deströyer 666
will be the lead headliners promoting their latest full-length album, Wildfire, which was released this past February. Their accompanying tour mates, Bölzer are a dynamic two-piece whose energy is equivalent to a bolt of lightning, both on recordings as well as on stage. Energy and intensity are projected in multifarious amounts, as Trepaneringsritualen is a one-man project which adds some variation into this aggressive spectrum.

 Fri, April 1st @ 013 – Tilburg – NL (Tickets/Event Page)
Sat, April 2nd @ Tongeren Metal Fest – Tongeren – BE (Tickets/Event Page)
Sun, April 3rd @ Club Zentral – Stuttgart – DE (Tickets/Event Page)
Mon, April 4th @ Divan Du Monde – Paris – FR (Tickets)
Tues, April 5th @ Nambucca – London – UK (Tickets/Event Page)
Thurs, April 7th @ Neushoorn – Leeuwarden – NL (Tickets/Event Page)
Fri, April 8th @ Royal Metal Fest – Aarhus – DK (Tickets/Event Page)
Sat, April 9th @ Getaway – Solingen – DE (Tickets/Event Page)
Mon, April 10th @ From Hell – Erfurt – DE (Tickets/Event Page)
Tues, April 11th @ Firlej – Wroclaw – PL (Tickets/Event Page)
Wed, April 12th @ Nova Chmelnice – Prague – CZ (Tickets/Event Page)
Thurs, April 13th @ Escape – Vienna – AT (Tickets/Event Page)
Fri, April 14th @ Channel Zero – Ljubljana – SI (Tickets/Event Page)
Sat, April 15th @ Circolo Colony – Brescia – IT (Tickets/Event Page)
Mon, April 16th @ Werk 21 – Zürich – CH (Tickets/Event Page)

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