Catalonia Extreme Metal

Catalonia Extreme Metal
Grups de Metal Extrem dels Països Catalans

sábado, 23 de julio de 2016



2016-10-20 - Wiesbaden (Schlachthof), Germany
2016-10-21 - Esch-Sur-Alzette (Rockhal), Luxembourg
2016-10-22 - Rennes (L'Etage), France
2016-10-23 - Toulouse (Le Bikini), France
2016-10-25 - Lisbon (Paradise Garage), Portugal
2016-10-26 - Madrid (La Riviera), Spain
2016-10-27 - Barcelona (Razzmatazz 1), Spain
2016-10-28 - Lyon (Transbordeur), France
2016-10-29 - Luzern (Schuur), Switzerland
2016-10-30 - Strasbourg (La Laiterie), France

Frontman Nergal released the following statement: "First of all, I would like to send my deepest gratitude to our legions in Europe for making this tour so big and spectacular! You dedication and loyalty can not be underrated and we owe you big time! With such a strong package of amazing musicians and friends: AbbathEntombed A.D. and Inquisition we were nothing short of unstoppable machine raging thru the old continent taking no prisoners on the way! What a tour! What a vibe! I can not hide my enthusiasm and will not... this was by far my favourite trek and most memorable of all the tours we've done. Period! Thanks goes to Dominik and Rock the Nation staff for always being at the top of things and for being...a family. Simple as that. Last but not least I must say that we have THE best road crew ever... or I should say: the best road warriors. Respect and honour!"

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