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martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

GATHERING DARKNESS "The Light Won’t Save You"

GATHERING DARKNESS, the decadent, negative and brutal Death Metal band from Cantabria (Spain) featuring CRYSTALMOORS members comes back with new, pessimistic and violent material. Five new tracks are included on the brand new Split CD named “The Light Won’t Save You“, which is shared with Canadians TYRANTS BLOOD (Infernäl Mäjesty, ex- Blasphemy, ex-Witches Hammer) and their devastating mix of Death/ Black/ Thrash expressed in 4 tracks.

    With a wall of sonic violence and a macabre design created by Mutta Studios under the premises of the band from Cantabria, GATHERING DARKNESS show their controversial and personal inspirations such as negativity, pessimism, self destruction, psychological problems and darkness coming from within. A devastating journey through the darkest side of humanity in 5 song.

TITLE: The Light Won't Save You
GENRE: Death Metal
LABEL: Hecatombe Rec.

1. Decadence of the Plague
2. Devoured by Earth
3. Riding the Horse of Selfdestruction
4. Negative Metamorphosis
5. Through the Oceans of Misery

6. Destroyer
7. Disowned and Defiled
8. Conjure the Watcher
9. Fragments of a Dying World

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