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domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016


In a few days we're going to unleash the debut from U.S. deviants DEATH FETISHIST.
Matron Thorn, the mastermind of the cryptic project AEVANGELIST, and drummer G. Nefarious(PANZERGOD), surrounded themselves with famous activists of the underground scene : D.G.(MISþYRMING), Doug Moore (PYRRHON), Jürgen Bartsch (BETHLEHEM) and Mories (GNAW THEIR TONGUES) in order to bring forth a devilishly addictive musical piece defusing the boundaries of Occult Blackened Death Metal.

You can already stream Astral Darkness and Voidtripper to get a taste of their infinite bleakness.
To quote Terra Relicta : "Clandestine Sacrament is a truly dark album with hypnotic and unorthodox guitar riffs (...) that explores the darkside in many of it's most depraved forms. A great album for void trippers, hypnotic trance junkies and death fetishests alike who enjoy their music ambient, furious, DARK and TWISTED!"

The sumptuous cover art (above) was painted by talented Polish Artist Andrzej Masianis and the layout was handed to renowned French Artist Dehn Sora.

"Clandestine Sacrament" is availabe for preorder right now on Digipack CD and 12" LP.
The digital edition is available on Bandcamp
Official release date is Oct. 28th 
except North America where it will be out on Nov. 25th.

The album features a list of prestigious guests :
Julia Black – Vocals
D.G (Misþyrming). – Vocals & Lyrics on “Voidtripper
Jürgen Bartsch (Bethlehem) – Keyboards & Synth on “Verbrannt im altem Morast
Doug Moore (Pyrrhon) – Vocals & Lyrics on “Netherrealm” and “Wreckage of the Flesh
Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues) – Keyboards on “Upturneth the Chalice
Clandestine Sacrament" is availabe right now on Digipack CD ( and 12" LP ( The digital edition is available at

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