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Catalonia Extreme Metal
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sábado, 14 de enero de 2017


 It’s become commonplace, lately, to find the most interesting stuff in the darkest corners of the Internet, something that applies to the next band confirmed at Old Grave Fest 2017, only for them it’s all about the darkest corners of the neighborhood.

Lurking in a dark alleyway, passing a bottle of whisky between themselves while leaning against a wall, here are the 4 stray cats that eat Tom’s food, devastate his house, steal his girlfriend and ruin his life. You would expect to find the motto DISCO NEVER ROCK FOREVER written on their jackets, but the thrashers in Gehennah – of course it’s them – don’t acknowledge the existence of Disco, so the motto is Hardrocker, their debut album from 1995.

Since the very beginning, the Swedes have established themselves as a living compendium of everything that’s disturbing about heavy metal, their career, thanks to albums like King of the Sidewalk and Decibel Rebel, resembling a whirlwind of spikes, bullet belts, chainsaws, curses, cowboy boots, and a sound straight from the golden days of Venom and Motorhead, bound together by a certain something that makes you add “blackened” before “thrash metal”. After a hiatus of nearly 10 years, Gehennah returns in 2016 with arguably their best effort to date: Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die is exactly what it says on the package. In October 2017, the band will take over the passageway to club fabrica, so leave your watch at home, keep your money tucked away safely, and if you hear a voice from the dark asking you what’s up, you better have a six-pack of beer at the ready.

Embrace of Thorns lead us to a completely different, but equally fertile, area of the extreme metal landscape. Starting in 1999, the Greeks have aimed to explore the boundary between death and black metal and use the darkest interpretations of the aforementioned genres to forge an unique identity. It would be wrong to label the debut ...for I See Death in Their Eyes... as simplistic only because it’s rooted in the most bestial forms of, well, bestial black/death metal. However, as time passes, the sound of Embrace of Thorns takes on new dimensions. The second full-length release, Atonement Ritual (2009), takes a large bite out of Ney York death metal, complete with the death/doom chunks, Praying for Absolution (2011) is built on the same frameworks but delves deeper into black metal, while the latest album, Darkness Impenetrable (2014), is the most complex to date. On this evolutionary trend one can expect nothing but the best from Embrace of Thorns, and the first opportunity to witness this live in Romania will be at Old Grave Fest 2017.

Back on the Old Grave Fest bill after 3 years and another rabid record – Wings of Decadence (2015) – the next band for our 6th edition is the Italian thrash/death/black commando Extirpation. They’re the relative of Krossburst, kept tied up in a cellar and fed raw meat once a week; the two bands have a relationship that’s somewhere between incest and gangbang, or so the two band members they share suggest, as well as the similar approach to the two relatively different subgenres.

So far, we have these bands confirmed for Old Grave Fest 2017, which will take place on 13-14 October 2017 in club fabrica, Bucharest: Necrophobic (Sweden), Gehennah (Sweden) Embrace of Thorns (Greece), Extirpation (Italy) , Sarinvomit (Turkey) and Krossburst (Italy / Norway). A limited number of 50 passes for two days at a price of 115 lei / 26 eur will soon be found at , on or from Romanian Thrash Metal Club members.

A successor of a bloodline dating back to the beginnings of heavy metal, with the rare ability of turning melody into an instrument of evil, the prophet of the third return of the Antichrist, the herald of the extinction of life on earth – a few of the many things one can say about the Swedish quartet Necrophobic. A band with an unique signature in metal, a dense and compact style, definable as an unbreakable alloy of thrash, death and black metal, Necrophobic will showcase, for the first time in Romania, their brand of melodic, yet insidious and edgy metal, that even with the frequent acoustic insertions is still nothing but ferocious, aggresive, malevolent and elegant.

You can never have enough of a bad thing, so besides Necrophobic, two more evil entities have crawled upon the OGF VI poster: Krossburst, an Italo-Norwegian combo that boasts of playng nothing less than a brand of desperate speed metal and that promises to release soon a much awaited debut album to follow a demo that made its appearance in Fenriz’s charts, and Sarinvomit, the blackthrash goathorned panzer from Turkey, having the rare ability of combining blasphemy and chemistry.

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