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martes, 24 de enero de 2017


LACERATED AND CARBONIZED was formed in 2006 by Jonathan Cruz (vocals), Caio Mendonça (guitars), Paulo Doc (bass) and Victor Mendonça (drums).

The band comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a city that stages at the same time astonishingly beautiful settings and a murky underworld of violence and degradation almost never seen by outsiders. This innate attitude is unmistakenly noticed in every aspect of their unrelenting, visceral Death Metal.

"Homicidal Rapture", their 2011 debut album, has met with enthusiastic reactions from Brazilian most prominent media vehicles and also presented the band to the world, earning positive reviews around the globe. The outing was followed by a successful South-American tour that went through Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, in addition to great festivals in their own country together with bands like SEPULTURA, MAYHEM, BELPHEGOR and IMMOLATION.

2013 saw the release of LACERATED AND CARBONIZED's sophomore effort, "The Core Of Disruption" which had its mixing and mastering duties were carried by prominent german producer Andy Classen (KRISIUN, DESTRUCTION, TANKARD, LEGION OF THE DAMNED). The album was held in even higher regard among fans and media for its matured musicality, delivering crushing yet catchy riffs, an insane drumwork. It also brought a deeper lyrical approach of the concrete violence that surrounds their hometown Rio de Janeiro, an underworld of drug trafficking, police abuse, corruption and parallel state militias to their lyrics, that set a undeniable tone of brutality to the album as a whole. "The Core of Disruption" was followed by two prolific European tours, leading the band to the stages of many festivals and meeting bands like GRAVE, VILE, MALIGNANT TUMOUR and PROPAIN on the road.

LACERATED AND CARBONIZED's third studio album, "Narcohell", is scheduled to be released in late 2016. The band once again teamed up with Andy Classen and took their savagery one step further, delivering 13 vicious tracks that will surely have the extreme metal community buzzing.

29.04 Rio de Janeiro (BR)
05.05 Campo Grande (BR)
06.05 Cuiabá - TBA (BR)
09.05 Santa Cruz de La Sierra (BOL)
10.05 La Paz (BOL)
11.05 Juliaca (PER)
12.05 Tacna (PER)
13.05 Arequipa (PER)
14.05 Cusco - TBA (PER)
15.05 Andahuayalas (PER)
16.05 Huancayo (PER)
17.05 Lima (PER)
18.05 Chiclayo (PER)
19.05 Trujillo (PER)
20.05 Cajamarca (PER)
21.05 Piura (PER)
24.05 Loja (ECU)
25.05 Machala - TBA (ECU)
26.05 Ambato (ECU)
27.05 Guayaquil (ECU)
28.05 Cañar (ECU)
31.05 Quito - TBA (ECU)
01.06 Pasto (COL)
02.06 Cali (COL)
02.06 Tuluá (COL)
03.06 Medellín (COL)
04.06 Pereira (COL)
07.06 Ibague - TBA (COL)
08.06 Bogotá - TBA (COL)
09.06 Ciudad del Panamá (PAN)
10.06 Chiriqui (PAN)
11.06 San José - TBA (CRC)
30.06 Acre - TBA (BR)
01.07 Manaus - TBA (BR)
02.07 Rio de Janeiro - TBA (BR)
07.07 São José dos Campos (BR)
08.07 Marília (BR)
09.07 Sorocaba - TBA (BR)
15.07 Rio de Janeiro - TBA (BR)

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