Catalonia Extreme Metal

Catalonia Extreme Metal
Grups de Metal Extrem dels Països Catalans

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017


 Friday 3rd: Oakland, CA - Eli's Mile High Club
w/Acephalix and Ulthar

Saturday 4th: Los Angeles, CA - Lexington
w/Skeletal Remains, Impure Consecration, and Morfin

Sunday 5th: San Diego, CA - Til Two
w/Skeletal Remains, Impure Consecration, and Morfin

Monday 6th: Los Angeles, CA - Redwood
w/The Flytraps

Tuesday 7th: Santa Cruz, CA - The Blue Lagoon
w/Gloam and Tired

Wednesday 8th: San Jose, CA - The Ritz
w/ Deadpressure and DeathgraVe

Thursday 9th: Eureka, CA - Siren Song Tavern
W/ Drown in Piss

Saturday 11th: Portland, OR - Famine Fest Day 2

Sunday 12th: Seattle, WA - Highline
w/Cerebral Rot and Fetid

Monday 13th: Vancouver, CAN - Astoria
w/Ceremonial Bloodbath and Death Winds

Tuesday 14th: Victoria, CAN - Cobber Owl

Wednesday 15th: Olympia, WA - Cryptatropa
w/Mortiferum and Fetid

Thursday 16th: Portland, OR - Blackwater
w/Sempiternal Dusk

Friday 17th: Sacramento, CA - Starlite

Saturday 18th: Oakland, CA - Metro
w/Incantation, Marduk, and Svart Crown

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