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Catalonia Extreme Metal
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jueves, 30 de marzo de 2017



Hi comrades and friends, like all years the announcement for Agro-Crust arrives late, on that topic we also don’t fail hehe! Well there’re the usual difficulties and a large way to get finally all confirmations of everybody (or not), seeing that there’s a lot of wind here arround which takes the words away, but always there’recomrades who appear naturally to help out for the needed work and apre-ciate the event like all others who take part in it.All your preliminate or spontaneous proposals which respect the ideas of Agro-Crust are welcome and taken seriously.  We won’t change it to a simple cultural act for “making party” and giveyou the end-fuck…, we always insist in an event which forms part of the anarchist struggle, with speachs, workshops, actions etc.Ok confirm as soon as possible always is cool,so we stay more calmed!For the total liberation!Health & Anarchy!
Please spread the flyer in the added archive (not in fb, twitter or such shit)and translate it to other languages, thanx!So let’s keep in touch, contact: liberacionomuerte [at] yahoo [dot] com

how to arrive to Más Bestia (Canet de Mar)
by car: from France/Girona take the N II direction Barcelona or AP-7 exit A 2 (Fornells de la Selva) until Tordera, go direction Blanes and take the C-32 direction Barcelona until exit Canet de Mar, or by N II directly to Canet de Mar, take the round about at the entrance of the town (you'll see a Supermarket DIA Maxi) turn to the right ,behind the Supermarket you'll find a small "street" to the squat. If you took C-32 you have to cross Canet de Mar until the round about with the Supermarket DIA Maxi and turn to the left.

by train: from Portbou/Figueres/Girona take train R1 or RG1 direction L'Hospitalet or Mataró until station Canet de Mar, out of the station go to the right until the round about at the end of the town, there to the left behind the Supermarket DIA Maxi you'll find the path to the squat(Más Bestia) Mira també:


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