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domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017


North of the Wall returns for it's 5th instalment.
We are proud to present a hand picked line-up of up and coming and established acts.

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** Please note, there are NO more slots available for this show. We will not be responding to any band requests. **


Acherontas (GRE, UK exclusive) - Occult and shamanic Black Metal from Greece. Acherontas have underscored their status of one of the leading genre bands with 2015's "Ma-IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)", released via WTC and are renowned for their great live rituals.

Bast (UK) - Bast is a London trio specialising in an unhealthy blend of Black Metal and Doom, with a flair for experimentation and emphasis on storytelling.

Batushka (POL, UK exclusive) - Breaking new ground in Black Metal and releasing an incredible debut album, Batushka's rise to power is almost unparalleled in the extreme metal scene. 8 band members provide a powerful and unique live experience. UK debut show.

Craven Idol (UK, UK exclusive) - London based Black/Thrash commando, with members of Scythian and Crom Dubh. Gearing up for a new release Craven Idol continue to be amongst the leading UK acts.

Drowned (GER, UK exclusive) - German Death Metal institution Drowned will obliterate NOTW, no compromise, just old school Death.

Esoteric (UK, UK exclusive) – UK Death-Doom veterans Esoteric will return to Scotland, bringing their crushing yet ambient and, well, esoteric brand of extreme metal.

Essenz (GER, UK exclusive) – Berlin’s Black Metal spectres will play their debut Scottish show at NOTW. Ethereal Black Metal

Gnaw Their Tongues (NED, UK exclusive) – Experimental Black Metal/ Noise from the Netherlands, Lyrical themes: Bondage,Torture,Morbid Esoterica.

Grave Miasma (UK, UK exclusive) - One of the leading UK acts in Death and Black Metal, we welcome back Grave Miasma after their storming headline show in 2015. Crushing Death/Black and Doom mixture.

Hetroertzen (Official) (SWE, UK exclusive) – Originally founded in Chile, now relocated to Sweden, Hetroertzen play haunting, occult Black Metal. With a new album in the works NOTW will be one of the first (if not the first) live appearances in a long time. FIRST UK appearance!

Inconcessus Lux Lucis (UK) – Black Metal from Manchester with Black-Thrash influences, highly individual sound that can enrich the UK scene for years to come.

LVTHN (BEL, UK exclusive) – occult black metal from Belgium. With their recent debut LVTHN have already secured their place among Europe's most promising extreme metal prospects.

Mgła (POL, UK exclusive) – Polish Black Metal overlords MGLA will finally bring their crushing mix of Death/Black and utter darkness to Scotland; one of the leading bands of the global extreme metal scene.

Misþyrming (ICE, UK exclusive) – one of the most outstanding albums of 2015 and mind blowing live shows- Misthyrming are undoubtedly one of the bands of the hour and a Scotland show was long overdue!

MONAD (SCO) – highly individual esoteric extreme metal from Glasgow, at times psychedelic at others unleashing the raw power of early Morbid Angel or Hellhammer

Nocturnal - Unholy Thrash Metal (GER, UK exclusive)
After a hiatus of two years NOCTURNAL will take to the stage again to spew forth their Unholy Thrash metal mayhem. Old school Teutonic Black/Thrash!

Revenge - band (CAN)
Legendary Canadian Noise/Black/War-Metal masters, Revenge are set to nuke North of the Wall into oblivion. Mindblowing and uncompromising Revenge will prove a worthy headliner to the 5th installment of North of the Wall

Saturnalia Temple (SWE, UK exclusive) – Sweden’s psychedelic Doom- Metal cowboys finally make their way to Scotland. Expect crushing riffs and delirious beats to take you into oblivion.

Sulphur Aeon (GER, UK exclusive) – Over the last years Sulphur Aeon have developed into one of Germany’s leading extreme metal acts. Inspired by Lovecraftean tales they weave a tight net of Black/Death Metal from deepest abyss. First UK appearance!

VIRCOLAC (IRE, UK exclusive) – Irish old school Death Metal veterans, who played a storming show in Glasgow previously and never disappoint.

WEDERGANGER (NED, UK exclusive) - One of the most promising new bands of the European Black Metal scene, Wederganger can convince both on record and live, the dual-vocals and great song material will not disappoint at NOTW. First UK appearance!

WODE (ENG, UK exclusive) - Hailing from Manchester, Wode's 2016 self-tilted album has become one of the best extreme metal albums in the UK in recent times, earning Wode a slot at NOTW 2017.

Call from the Grave (UK) – paying tribute to one of the greatest figures in metal; Quorthon, a number of musicians of the UK scene have joined to play a tribute set, consisting of tracks from the first 3 albums of Bathory's back catalogue

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