Catalonia Extreme Metal

Catalonia Extreme Metal
Grups de Metal Extrem dels Països Catalans

sábado, 8 de abril de 2017


Will be at the place : Distros, bar - vegan food, non alcoholic drinks, beers, hard liquor and materials concerning Animal freedom . There´ll be a campfire as always. The place in front of the stage is gonna be fully-roofed so playing will take place even in case of rainy weather. The possibility of camping.

How to get to the concert : Train in the direction of the track 016 Borohrádek - Chrudim. Get off at the train stop Bořice.  The concert place lies about 1 km from the train station at a soccer field near the forest in Podbor.  

!Price must be changed due to costs for festival! Final price is :

Entry : Friday, saturday € 20.00

           Only saturday € 15.00

 Confirmed the bands // Potvrzené kapely :

1) PARTiYA -  punk crust grind (Belarus)

2) MORAL HANGOVER - raw agressive hc/punk (Czech Republic)
3) KRIMTÄNK - raw d-beat punk (Sweden)
4) DISKOBRA - raw d-beat crust punk (Hungary)

5) RÁKOSI - energetic hc/punk (Hungary)

6) DISHOPE - excellent raw noise d-beat crust punk (Germany)

7) EMISSARIES OF SYN - a great hc/punk of the North Wales (United Kingdom)

8) DEZINFEKCE - hc/punk from 90. Years, they have 25 years anniversary of existence!
(Czech Republic)

SIX-SCORE - grindcore attack from Vienna (Austria)

10) SPEEDKÖBRA - raw crust metal punk from Berlin in an international line up (Germany)

11) INSOMNIA ISTERICA - grindcore band with a big discography (Switzerland)

12) INSECT TERROR - massacre grindcore from Tübingen (Germany) 

13) AUXILIO - raw d-beat punk from Valencia with their great debut 12" LP album (Spain)

14) TRAVOLTA - raw powerviolence fastpunk with a new split 10" LP (Belgium) 


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