Catalonia Extreme Metal

Catalonia Extreme Metal
Grups de Metal Extrem dels Països Catalans

jueves, 3 de agosto de 2017


We are stoked for another year of the Metal Punk Death Fest with this raging bill, on top of so there shall be live art and performances by several artists which bound to the order of chaos. 
Get ready and mark your calendars for a weekend of madness in the fear city.
48 bands.
4 days.
40 freaking bucks.
The itinerary is:

Day I

-Vomit Fist 4:00
-Locus Mortis (LI) 4:40
-Cemeteries (NJ) 5:20
-Tripple Cripple (NY/NJ) 6:00
-Chained to the Dead (NJ) 640
-Begat The Nephilim (NH) 7:20
-Ultor (LI) 8:00
-Sunrot (NJ) 8:40
-Escuela (NY) 9:20
-Deathcrown (VA) 10:00
-Organ Dealer (NJ) 10:40
-Pink Mass (NJ) 11:20

Day II
-Kloberela Ft Faceshifter (LI) 2:20
-Demencia Alcoholica (NJ) 3:00
-All Torn Up (NY) 3:40
-Clitorium (NY) 4:20
-Nerve Gas Attack (LI) 5:00
-Sick Shit (NJ) 5:40
-Toxicology (NJ) 6:20
-Dr. Klaw 6:35
-War Orphans (PA) 7:00
-(A)Truth (NY) 7:40
-Disjawn (PA) 8:20
-Rotten (Uk) 9:00
-Coagula (MA) 9:40
-Phobia (CA) 10:20

-Witchtrap (Col) 1:00 am
at Metal Kingdom Records
890 Wyckoff, Broolyn NY
Tickets TBA


-Vexation (SI) 4:00
-Esclavos (NY) 4:40
-Hellreign (NY) 5:20
-Goat’s Grave (NY) 6:00
-Prostitution (NY) - 6:40
-Pisskvlt (NY) 7:20
-Necrocythe (PA) 8:00
-Galare (NJ) 8:40
-Moros (PA) 9:20
-Angel Morgue (NH) 10:00
-Jera (MD) 10:40
-Night Rite (NY) 11:20

Day IV

-Scum City (NY) 3:00
-Skitzopolis (NY) 3:40
-Finix (NY) 4:20
-M.A.D (LI) 5:00
-A.T.E (PA/LI) 5:20
-Total Waste (NY) 6:40
-Enemy Of The State (LI) 7:20
-Bomb Scare (NY) 8:00
-Knight Terror (NY) 8:40
-Hell Bent (RI) 9:20

Live Performance by:

Live art by:
Masato Okano
Brandon Mickman

Footage by:
Max Volume Silence Live

Photography by:
Jj Ca Photography

Live Streaming by:
Rivers Of Blood Stream Radio

Ticket Pricing
15 All fest passes left for 40$
All fest pass for 50$
Single day passes 13$
Day of the event for 15$
Performers get in any other day that they don't play for 5$ and will receive a beer.

Get Your all-fest pass for 40$, only 25 tickets at this price available.

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