Catalonia Extreme Metal

Catalonia Extreme Metal
Grups de Metal Extrem dels Països Catalans

domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017


Four days of the best extreme metal brutality and its back in the heart of the Cardiff metal scene Fuel Rock Bar.

Thursday 20th April
Blood Red Throne - Official (Death Metal from Norway)
Department of Correction (Grindcore from France)
Shrapnel (Thrash Metal from Norwich)
Wretched Soul (Thrash/Heavy Metal from Canterbury)
Decrepid (Death Metal from London)
Organ Dealer (Death/Grind from USA)
Sublime Eyes (Melodic Blackened Death from Norway)

Friday 21st April
Bull-Riff Stampede (Thrash Metal from UK)
Sworn Amongst (Metal from Hull/Derby)
Solothus (Doom/Death from Finland)
Animator (Thrash Metal from Dublin, Ireland)
Forgotten Remains (Thrash Metal from Chesterfield)
Absolution (Old School Death Metal from Birmingham)
DESOLATOR (Thrashing Speed Metal from Southampton)
Live Burial (Old School Death Metal from Newcastle)
Cryptic Shift (Progressive death/thrash from Leeds)
KEMAKIL (Thrash Metal from Ipswich)
Killer Hurts (Thrash Metal from Norwich)

Saturday 22nd April
ANALEPSY (Brutal Death Metal from Portugal)
CREPITATION (Brutal Slam Death Grind from the UK)
The Monolith Deathcult (Avant Garde Death Metal from The Netherlands)
Iniquitous Savagery (Brutal Death Metal from Glasgow
Cockoroch (Brutal Death Metal from Spain)
Laceration (Brutal Death Metal from Scotland)
CHAINSAW CASTRATION (Brutal Death Metal from Manchester)
Anoxide [official] (Death Metal from London)
Blasphemer (Old School Brutal Death from Dewsbury)
Austerymn (Old School Death Metal from Wigan/St Helens/Athens)
Gorehead (Death/Grind from Manchester)

Sunday 22nd April
Nordjevel (Norweigen black metal)
Ethereal (Brittish Black Metal)
Old Corpse Road (Brittish Black Metal)
The Infernal Sea (Black Metal from the UK)
Nightlord - UK thrash metal (Blackened Thrash from London)
Heathen Deity (True English Black Metal)
Necronautical (Black Metal from UK)
Reign of Erebus (Black Metal from UK)
Forneus (Black Metal from Yorkshire)
Wolfbastard (D-beat Black Metal Crust from Manchester)
Nonserviam (Female Black Metal band from London)

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